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Enjoy the freedom of the sea in safety and with confidence.
Braye Sea School
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Courses are held at or based at Royal William Yard in Plymouth (PL1 3GE).

All course materials - note pads, pens, books, etc are provided as well as light refreshments such as soft drinks and biscuits. There are numerous eating places in the venue and you are also welcome to bring a packed lunch or snacks.

You should come prepared for outdoor activities and wear suitable comfortable clothing for the expected weather. In the case of first aid training a lot of time is spent on the floor practicing treating and being treated as a casualty.

For on-water practical courses buoyancy aids or lifejackets are provided and will be discussed as part of the training, in the unlikely event that we go ahead in foul weather waterproof jackets and trousers are recomended.

One parking space is included per course, please liaise with the other people travelling with you. It may sometmes be possible to collect candidates from waterside locations around Plymouth Sound, if that is more convenient.
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