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A 6m RIB with a qualified coxwain and crewed by a specialist maritime medic, equiped with life support equipment in addition to standard on-water first aid.

Our day rate for 8 hours within a 6am to 6pm window is only £250 plus VAT.

Available to any projects in Plymouth Sound.

Ideal for over-water and cliff top work, anywhere that there is a risk of personell falling into the water and needing rescue and potentially medical treatment.

The unique bow ramp is also ideal for loading and unloading equipment and people to and from a beach. The craft also boasts incredibly small air and water draft, operating in water as shallow as 20cm.
Trauma bandages, melolin, elasticated adhesive bandage, ice packs

Theraputic oxygen, full range of orapharangeal airways, nasopharangeal airways, nasal canula, high concentration adult and paediatric masks, bag valve mask.

Defibrilator is not usually carried on board, but is available for an increased daily rate.
Standard medical facilities carried:
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