Short courses are a great way to perfect your skills in one area, carried out in the same small groups (up to 3 at a time) but taking up only a couple of hours at a time.
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Have a look at our calendar page for dates of upcoming short courses, but email us if you have a deadline or date in mind - we always try to fit you in
Fine tune your skills at setting the hook in a bay for a picnic, or over night stay. Learn more about tides, types of anchor, seabeds and more. Gain confidence in this essential technique for getting the most from your boating!
Duration 3 hours, cost per person £45
The essential skill for getting the best range, speed and fuel efficiency from your boat!
Absolutely idispensible but often considered a dark art, your engine's trim should never be ignored and will vary depending on tide, wind, loading and anything else that effects your powerboat as it skims over the water.
Duration 2 hours, cost per person £35
Whether its approaching a buoy or coming alongside a pontoon, we have you covered. Practice the many varying ways to secure your boat and learn a few tricks to make everything happier, smoother and safer.
Duration 2 hours, cost per person £35
Man Over Board
And Women! This crucial life saving drill is important to practice at every oppportunity, we will show you various ways to approach and recover a person from the water.
Duration 2 hours, cost per person £35
Getting Assistance
Practice your radio use, both voice and DSC, learn how to recieve a helicopter rescue and the importance of flares and other emergency signals.
Duration 3 hours, cost per person £45